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“Becoming is better than being.”

 —Carol Dweck

anjali badwal (she/ her)

administrative/intake coordinator 

BSc in Psychology

I am a recently published author and have completed a BSc in psychology with a minor in biology. 


Since the age of 16, I have worked with children with special needs in a professional setting. Passionate about helping others, be it friend, mentor, or volunteer, to improve their mental health, only reaffirms my true passion and initiative to help others. I hope to make an impact on the world, one individual at a time by educating members within the community. 


As the oldest of four siblings, I noticed a lot of patterns in my family and others which led me to write the book, Defying the Order. This book explores the relationship between birth order, mental health, and mindset. I hope that in writing my debut novel I can help people become more self-aware of their mindset and help relationships within family units grow stronger.


I am here at Mind over Matter to assist in ensuring your journey is as smooth as possible. I am fluent in English and French and can understand Hindi and Punjabi. 

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